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Anna is a T shaped entrepreneur and consultant with extensive experience working across various sectors and models from fintech, education and entertainment to marketplaces, SaaS and B2C technologies. 


She combines deep technical product expertise with a highly commercial mindset and financial skillset which enables her to effectively and sustainably grow products, market share, client bases and teams. 


Having built several startups and worked with companies from seed stage to £100m+ funding, she provides services across the entire entrepreneurial life cycle, accelerating smart startup growth. 


Strategic ConsuLting

Anna helps companies find suitable business models, additional revenue streams and client bases. 

This would involve:

  • Market Research (segmentation, trends, competitor analysis, summary) 

  • Mapping out growth and business strategy 

  • Helping to identify target groups and strategic partnerships 

  • Preparation of KPIs and key growth targets

  • Establishing Marketing and Sales Funnels 

  • Revenue diversification

The strategy consultancy work should allow entrepreneurs to implement their business goals in a quick and effective manner, whilst reducing unnecessary costs and risks.


Additionally, as an objective external third party, Anna is able to identify present challenges and weaknesses in strategy execution and advise on best practices and improvements as well as on how best to build on strengths.


GROWTH (Marketing and sales)

Market facing consultancy that helps to implement various growth activities, sign strategic partnerships, grow user bases and revenues. 


Anna is an ultimate executor and hustler with a vast network of relationships and an impressive ability to connect various ecosystem stakeholders and bring the right network of partners together.  


She is particularly good at coming up with unusual growth strategies (B2B and B2C) that often utilise the barter economy and build upon synergies. 


Through her extensive public speaking appearances, many awards and thought leadership she greatly helps companies build strong and credible brands and market presence. Her widespread following and media contacts help with broadcasting or publishing strategic announcements. 



  • Forging new partnerships with high-growth start-ups and established companies to establish fruitful relations and increase sales

  • Partnering with strategic ecosystem players, from universities, to governments, non-for profit groups, accelerators etc.

  • Developing marketing strategies (online and offline), building core marketing teams and implementation of comprehensive marketing activities. 

  • Brand positioning and ignition through leveraging my personal profile 


*90% of startups succeed when they engage a growth partner with access to scale opportunities


Operational Audit, Finance 

AND RestructurinG

Having worked in investment banking, in investment and restructuring teams, as well as having built teams from scratch and worked in 70 people companies, Anna is highly financially literate and skilled with budgeting, resources management and meeting KPIs in an efficient manner. 


Work focus:

  • Operational audit 

  • Improvement of internal processes 

  • Helping to analyse and restructure current and future resources

  • Developing startup business structure and organisation design 

  • Estimate cash flows with a view of future sustainability 


On the Financial front, Anna helps with:

  • Making the company investment ready

  • Investment deck and business plan preparation 

  • Making introductions to investors




Are you thinking of quitting your job to build a start-up or have an idea for an innovative and groundbreaking startup? 


Contact Anna to discuss the step by step process to turn your idea into a real business and run tailored workshops to progress smoothly from the concept stage to structuring and starting your business to ensure long-term stability.


Additionally, Anna can help find the right business model, definite target groups, find the right problem-solution and product market fit. 


Anna works with an enormous ecosystem of suppliers and individuals from software developers (front-end, back-end and full stack), to UX and UI designers.


Her team creates world class digital products from a technical standpoint, based on excellent user research, rapid testing, market and business analyses, carefully crafted architecture, appropriate languages and database selection. 


Anna also helps to recruit right developers, manage teams, create sprints and ensure more timely product delivery.

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