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Anna is a highly skilled product innovator, with access to a large network of startups and scale-ups. She leverages this to help institutions discover great start-ups, develop innovative solutions and scale products and processes, improve productivity and streamline operations. She helps to generate new ideas and products, new business models, and new relationships that enable organisations to transform, and also helps provide tools and knowhow to address their most pressing current and future challenges and opportunities.


Anna helps to collaborate and experiment with tech providers and service partners and align growth agendas. 


Organisations need to develop agile and innovative capabilities and further grow their innovation agenda by exploiting emerging technologies and leveraging established methods. Investment in digital is essential to stay ahead of the curve, meet consumer and business demands and preferences.



Anna connects corporates with a worldwide community of high growth startups and scale-ups that accelerate how innovation transforms institutional business.  


She helps to build meaningful relationships with transformative startups, leading VCs, and PEs, Universities and Governments. 


This includes:

  • Startup due diligence 

  • Deal flow generation 

  • Partnership Structuring

  • Onboarding and Integration 

  • Meetings with transformative startups

  • Bringing external innovation market perspectives

  • Help to partner with external innovators and startups



Anna operates at the intersection of strategy, implementation, and creative capabilities to help businesses find the next big innovation that will drive growth. 


Digital transformation is essential to reduce costs, accelerate and streamline processes and disrupt competition. 


Anna helps to implement corporate strategy around technology capabilities - from growth strategy, to competition strategy and outsourcing strategies. She aligns teams around ideas, features and market hypotheses to design user centric products and services and ultimately help to make profits, reshape how work gets done and give businesses a competitive edge. 


Her involvement includes: 

  • Helping to identify needs 

  • Driving business changes through operational streamlining

  • Introduction of novel technical solutions 

  • Agile project management and service delivery 

  • Designing IT solutions for clients 

  • Generate new ideas and products, new business models, and new relationships that can help transform organizations



Anna has extensive experience in working with organisations wanting to achieve a customer first mindset. She helps to identify needs and find appropriate solutions to solve challenges, validate products, services and ideas before going to market through the help of bespoke workshops, analyses, prototyping and product delivery sprints. Anna also works with team members to teach them how to build world leading products in a lean manner with a user centric approach.


Her work focuses on:


  • Identifying client needs and proposing solutions

  • Embracing and integrating innovation within organisations

  • Bringing new players to co-develop new solutions that get companies further 

  • Managing product, UX/UI and software developers 

  • Adopting next generation collaboration and productivity tools

  • Leading UX strategy and Information Architecture

  • Advising on architecture and appropriate languages (including Microsoft Azure Functions, ReactJS, Node.js,



Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur whilst working within a large organisation. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Anna has developed best entrepreneurial practices for corporate environments that help to develop and implement entrepreneurial skillets and methods.


Anna helps companies grow and build energised, cross-functional and high performing agile teams. She provides strategic direction, design and programmes management.


Value add:

  • Experience at bringing external insight into an organisation and delivering transformational change in a technical environment

  • Ability to shape, promote, share and inspire colleagues

  • Build innovation skill sets internally


This work will help to break silos, create a more productive and happy environment, break out of old habits, provide more efficient tools and grow companies’ offerings in a culturally and financially sustainable manner to meet future challenges and disruptions. 

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